Misc update

So a few things have happened since I last updated…Got the new Radiohead album as mentioned below. loving it! Probably the best thing they’ve done since Kid A. As you might know, I really disliked Hail to the Thief when it came out and have been pushed back to reassess it and realise that I was completely wrong!

Since I last posted, We’ve been to see Manu Chao. Thanks to the Academy plastering big warnings about no bags all over their tickets we decided not to risk taking a camera meaning that all the pics we took were on my phone. Not exactly the best quality gig pictures we’ve ever taken but theres some good ones. fairly annoying to see that there were plenty people there both with bags and proper cameras. Overall a great gig but live he sounds so completely different to his records…his records are generally so chilled out but live everything seems to turn into a trashy rock song half way through. Sounds great when you’re there but not so good on his live CD as just listening to the studio versions.

Went to see Control as well. I don’t think it justified the hype but overall I enjoyed it. The performance of Ian Curtis shows him as self obsessed and kinda unlikable. Pretty much how I had always imagined he actually would have been. To be honest, the only one from the band who came off well from the whole thing was Bernard since he came across as really nice but the rest of the band seemed like complete dicks.

Also had a moment of prime surrealism when we won tix to go and see ‘Once’ at the GFT. Really sweet wee film (although I’m glad I had never heard of it when I went to see it since it seems to be everywhere now and looks like it might become quite big) but the 2 main stars made an appearance afterwards to play some of the music live. Is one of the strangest sensations to watch someone on screen for 90 minutes then turn round and realise they are standing literally 2 feet away from you…made me think of that scene from father ted about dreams/reality.

A few gigs coming up befroe the end of the year…Andrew Bird, Loney Dear & Beirut are all bought and we’re still swaying about Mum and Patrick Wolf…

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