More Gigs

A few more gigs since the last post. Saw Andrew Bird supported by Loney, Dear last Monday at the arches. Loney, Dear released one of my favourite albums of the year and they were great live but it was Andrew Bird who really blew me away.

He uses a sampler to build up layers of violin, whistling, handclaps, vocals and guitar so he is accompanying himself as a full string backing section. It’s quite incredible to watch close up. We’d seen him earlier in the year at Indian Summer but in the context of a full headline slot made much more sense. I’ve since gone on and ordered a few old albums to catch up. Photos

Wednesday was back through to the arches to see Beirut. They have a website for their new album with a video for each song here, but I’m still getting into the first album. A combination of balkan horns, casio keyboards, rufus-esque vocals and accordians. It sounds like pretty much no one else out there right now, although there are elements of Yann Tiersen and the inimitable Sufjan Stevens in there. Photos

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