ADITM Artwork

Death and Sam at the Botanic Gardens

Magpie at Kelvingrove

It’s been a long time coming but finally, here’s the first few glimpses of artwork for the comic book I’m working on. Neither of them are finished. I’m not especially happy with the way Sam looks. He needs a bit more development stylistically I think, but I’ll be putting the artwork on hold for the next few months, so decided to put up what I have so far.

I really want to learn Illustrator and will persevere with it but the magpie drawing took the best part of a day when I know I could have done it in an hour or so in Flash, so I ended up reverting to Flash to do the character drawing.

The reason I’ll be putting things on hold is that I read about this competition last Friday and have decided to have a go at adapting the script for issue 1 into a TV script. The overall story is quite episodic anyway so would adapt pretty well into a TV drama format. The competition closes at the start of November, which means I might even do NaNoWriMo again this year…I have an idea for it if I find the time!

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