Going Offline

As you’ll no doubt be aware if you know me, since I bang on about it at any opportunity, I wrote a novel a few years back. A shoddy, first draft of a novel.

Pretty much ever since, I’ve had the ambition of redrafting it as a comic book. I’ve spent a long time thinking about every minor detail and paying it lip service, but so far, have managed to produce just under 3 pages in the last 2 years.

I’ve not been skiving though. Oh no. I’ve had very good reason. Quite simply, if I don’t read all the Twitter posts, Facebook status updates, watch all the kitten videos and keep up with the latest memes, then who will?

All the while, the backlog of writing, drawing and everything else has been steadily growing. For that reason, I’m going to try something out.

I’m giving up the internet for a few weeks. No Twitter, no Facebook, no Youtube. Not sure how I’ll last but I’m wasting far too much time so I need to try something. I might still post to Twitter and Facebook but I’ll be in write only mode.

Ironically, this should hopefully mean I actually appear more active online, since I’ll be producing stuff I want to share.

See you on the other side.

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