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Recycled Content – 19/03/2017

Recycled Content – 19/03/2017

I’m going to try something and see if it sticks. I read a lot of interesting articles each week on a range of subjects, so I’m going to start a weekly links roundup. Mainly...

Holiday Animations

I’ve been messing around with a few of my holiday pics to make some silly little animations that owe more than a passing debt to Python era Terry Gilliam. Hope you like them. Warning:...

Netherlands 2015

Music: Dreams by Beck

Lochleven Castle

We visited Lochleven Castle  a few days ago. Here’s a little comp I made of the videos we shot.   Music: “The Lucky One” by Au Revoir Simone

Back on the bike

Good to get back out on my bike again now that winter is retreating a bit. Notched up 66km over the weekend which isn’t bad after 4 months off. I stopped to take a...